SOLD OUT – Next Cohort launching soon. 

Imagine achieving one big goal in 30 days to change your life forever by plotting a new trajectory into the future….You Deserve This!

Cohort #1 Launches on March 22nd (30spots)

The BIG30 is a 30 day experience that applies the latest in brain & heart science and leverages the power of group collaboration to help you achieve one big goal.

It is based on my experience hosting the Mind Lab Method (Science of Goal Setting and Future Architecting Workshop) around the world for 2.5 years.  It is a fun, collaborative, and results-driven process that has helped people achieve 10-year goals in 4-months, land the biggest sale of their life in 30-days, find love again in 4-hours, and connect more deeply themselves instantly.

What You Get: 

  1. BIG30 Workbook
  2. Powerful Micro Meditations and Visualizations 
  3. Community of Support that wants you to succeed
  4. Cutting-edge rapid personal development techniques
  5. Daily Emails with valuable information to keep you moving forward
  6. Online HUB and Unique Facebook Group Experience
  7. One Big Goal Achieved in 30 Days

Disclaimer: Not everyone may achieve their goal in 30 days. You get out, what you put in.  If you put in alot, you will get alot from the experience.

Honestly, this is not for everyone. This is going to be fun and inspiring, but also fast-paced and intense. Are You Ready?

Your Commitment: 

  2. 1-Hour Per Day for 30-Days to take actions toward your goal
  3. Read the Emails, Watch the Videos, Do The Meditations
  4. Participate in Group Meetings and Challenges
  5. Post the 3 Required Videos (Goal Commitment, Half-Way Update, Final Reflection)
  6. Have fun and Experiment

 If you are ready to exhale the Past and Feel the Future, and achieve one big goal in 30 days, then choose your price and join below.

That is right, you get to choose the price that it is worth for you to achieve the goal. And if you are not complete satisfied with the experience, you have a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

  • Option 1:  $3
  • Option 2: $ 30
  • Option 3: $63
  • Option 4: $97

Join Cohort #1 Launching on March 22nd