At the very first event in Honolulu, Hawaii one participant commented:

“I’ve participated in many events of a similar nature, but this event was distinct and powerful. The process will crystalize ideas you’ve been working on into a form that will take specific shape in your life immediately.” 

From that first event, he had a breakthrough idea that two weeks later turned into a real-world action and eventually lead to the re-launch of Landmark Forum in Hawaii. Interesting to think that the Mind Lab Experiment was a catalyst for a Landmark Forum, personal development event.


The Mind Lab originated in Hawaii and became an experimental workshop tour that was co-hosted by Tyler P. Mongan and Jonathan Fritzler. The Mind Lab Experiment was designed to teach entrepreneurs how to apply neuroscience, heart-brain communication, and quantum thinking to develop 3-month timelines for their life and business. the goals for the tour were  10 workshops in 10 cities in 3-months and $10,000. The Mind Lab Experiment exceeded all the goals and the Mind Lab was optimized based on the feedback from attendees.


Since the initial Mind Lab Experiment, Tyler P. Mongan has gone on to host over 50+ mind Labs in 23 cities and in 11 different countries with over 1500+ attendees. The culmination of his experience and experiments is grounded in what he now calls The Mind Lab Method.  

It is a two-day experiential training that explains the neuroscience, cardioneuruology, and quantum thinking  of the Mind Lab Method. It also allows participants to explore the power of micro-meditations, group interaction, embodiment, and timelining to architect the future of their life and business. Participants experience increased mental clarity and cognitive function, they discover new goals, they learn how to feel the future and gain more energy to achieve more from life.

You can find out more about the Mind Lab Method in Tyler P. Mongan’s new book: “Feeling The Future: Use the Power of your Brain and Heart to find your way in the unknown and achieve your life and business goals with ease.”